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Gazing past my keyboard, taking in the view of the sky and the sea before me, I developed a process of creating reality. I had a working title for a book: “Write to Life”. Looking ahead into what I found beautiful, and feeling good, I literally asked myself to produce a format for the book. A workbook divided into six steps like chapter headings made its way out of my head, out through my fingertips, and onto the computer screen.

It was August 2013. I was on the balcony of a beautiful beachfront villa in gorgeous Cancun Mexico. I was on one of many vacations I had prayed for – a written prayer – as taught to me by Nichiren Buddhists years before who also taught me to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for my desires to manifest. Sunlight bouncing off the ocean, the heat beckoning me to go for a swim, I asked myself for a format that I could use to guide others who could benefit from what I had learned about writing prayers down. I saw a pattern of getting the things that I wanted when I wrote those things down and believed that the best result would occur. In that moment on the balcony, I knew there wasn’t anything entirely original about the connection between writing/asking and receiving. I also knew that I was destined to be a healer. What I did not realize was that what I practiced since I was very young, keeping a journal, and what I sought since I was very young, wisdom beliefs and practices, would come together as my life calling and that I would bundle the two practices together in a book for the world to benefit from. Eventually the title became: “Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less” .

Complete the form below to join a great group of people who will receive my new  ebook, “THAW”, that is filled with beautiful photographs, a story about one of my clients, and how you can use your imagination to improve home, work, or play.  I do not share info or email addresses.  |

Within six months, I was writing from the café in yet another exotic vacation resort, launched my Dream Life coaching service, and accepted invitations to provide marketing consultation services — a prospect that with the life coaching service held the potential to double my former income. Not bad for a single mother of five.

Book Excerpt – “Create Your Dream Life in 6 Steps or Less”


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