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Is Your Valentine a Dreamer?

dreamerI hope so.
I have to tell you about this couple I know that faced terrific odds. Their family members did not approve of their union. I coached them through my six-step process that harnesses the power of visualization and journaling. After manifesting a new car, they improved their income, and experienced, not one, but two perfect wedding ceremonies. What’s more, all the family members made peace with the couple’s decision to be together.
Couples share experiences in the past and visions for the future. If your Valentine is a dreamer, you are in luck. When couples create their dream life together they are virtually unstoppable. Talk over the big picture and linger among the details…the juicier the better.
Feel the wind and the sun in the vacation dream. Cry a little in the sending the kids to college dream. Shout Woo-Hoo!, throw your arms up in the air, and wave your hands like you just don’t care in the retired early dream.
By the way….
If you don’t have a Valentine and you want one, we can work on that.
Your Dream Life Coach

One comment on “Is Your Valentine a Dreamer?

  1. Relationship marlarkey
    February 13, 2015

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