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When Old Dogs Go Back to School

flk_old_dogThey say, “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick,” but have you ever seen what happens when old dogs go back to school? By old dogs, I mean anyone over the typical school age. Anyone over 30 who goes back to school, goes with a vengeance. These old dogs aren’t chasing squirrels. They are after something heavier to lift and slower to influence: a career change, a promotion, recognition, and/or a new level of self confidence.  Best in show ain’t seen nothin’ till the old dogs get started. Self-handled, they often become the standard with their unique gait and stance.

The first time I saw an old dog go back to school, I was a teenager and Nelson Blackwell Jr., the war veteran, business-owner-turned-educator, was doing something we referred to in our house as “going to class.” Four children and a good woman, my mother, behind him, he was getting his master’s degree in the evenings, while he worked a full-time job. My father was an instant honor student because he was determined to achieved. I know how he felt. I too went back to school with a full-time job and a house full of children.  I developed a love for computer technology, knew and believed I could excel in that area, and found a way to go back to school without having to leave the house to “go to class”, which was truly a blessing since I was a single parent and treasured parenting most of all.flkr_old_dog 2

Just the other day I spoke with a woman in her 50’s who is in nursing school. Her life experience impacts her commitment to her studies and all of that will color the nurse she will eventually become.

Old dogs, like us, tail wag happy through the entire school experience. We made the choice and we go through the education process withflkr_old_dog an attitude of selective determination.  Like young pups who get the hang of a hind-legged dance, we old dogs enjoy the praise that accompanies achievement too. But even more than the encouragement of others, we love using old-dog style to put a new twist in fetch. With a more mature grip on the stick, we run off with it in the direction of our choosing.

“Go, Dog Go” is the children’s book title. I say, “Go ‘head, you old dog. Go ‘head. (go ‘head is a compliment research it here)

P.S. If the old dog in you needs a new trick to manifest your true heart’s desire let’s talk. I have the right lesson and the perfect doggy treats 215-301-9625.


2 comments on “When Old Dogs Go Back to School

  1. It's Your Life (@ItsYourLife7)
    September 2, 2015

    I went back to school at 40 and for the first time I did good. I was always a below level student, but found out that when it was my choice and I was studying what I wanted to I was a high level student.


  2. ellensue spicer-jacobson
    September 5, 2015

    Perfect! I went back to school in my early 50s for a second bachelor’s degree, this one Nutrition Ed.I received a scholarship and did many long distance learning classes, which were just emerging. Doing this was a real boost to my confidence and gave me credibility in the field of nutrition.


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