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Take Two Sycamore and Call Me in the Morning

DSC_0264On a ride through Sycamore Lane where  the trees greet me with a shout of happy welcome, I stopped the car to take a selfie. Gnarl-licious, whitewashed trunks seem brighter this time of year. Gently bending with time, the Sycamore makes no apology for blotchy colorations and a lumpy figure. I laughed at how the limbs appeared to be in grand jete, lifting ocher-colored, crispy-edged, October-leaf baskets.


I didn’t need to be in the shot, my image was reflected in the life of the trees.  It’s the Sycamore’s thin sheets of bark after falling away and landing in curls that give us that unmistakable Autumn crunch. If each type of tree has its own style of dance, Krumping would be perfect for the Sycamore. Striking a pose in defiance of control, they seem to laugh at our need for uniformity.


I lingered with the Sycamore after taking a few photos, charmed by the monstrous and the bizarre in shape, bow, and size. And I left them knowing that if beauty exists in the grotesque and the weird, then surely there is beauty in me no matter how irregular and imperfect I may be. My visit with them calmed my anxiety about what comes next and encouraged me to gracefully accept all that I am right now.


I know you want to feel more confident. Stop by a couple of Sycamore trees and call me for coaching in the morning. Let’s celebrate your unique beauty together and chart a path toward your success.sycamore lane cropped


2 comments on “Take Two Sycamore and Call Me in the Morning

  1. Karen L Smith
    October 21, 2015

    Love your style of writing and the connection you make with Nature. Tre Chic!


    • KristaNelson
      November 6, 2015

      Thanks Karen. I’d love to write something and record it with your drumming!


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