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It’s My fault and I’m Not Sorry

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I take full responsibility.

Given the hand I was dealt, I take full responsibility for what I did with that hand, but I’m not sorry. No, I’m not sorry because I’m grateful; grateful to have had the opportunity, and more grateful to have learned the lesson, and mostly grateful to have had the opportunity to have a lesson.

I was given this life and I did something with it.

What I did wasn’t always good. It wasn’t even always my best. Sometimes I was just limping along. Thank goodness what I created I can change.

I accept and I forgive myself first.

And I am grateful for the opportunity to live another day, with something else to say, and something else to do, and in the direction of my choosing.

Taking responsibility kicks the victim story on its side.

Ever notice those people who leave the blame game and the pity party for the energy of 100% responsibility? They’re the ones moving forward. They know what they want, believe it is possible, and prepare to receive it. They stop the patterns of behavior that do not serve them. They make the time to invest in themselves to produce true wealth, create less waste, and produce a fulfilled life.

Stick regret in your pipe and smoke it.

Take 100% responsibility. Just get it done now!

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