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Let’s Make this a Spa Day

sun rise spa day1It was a night like any other night, but the morning, my dears, was something altogether different. Before I went to bed there was a song in my head, “Dream Merchant” by New Birth. I found the music file online and played it over and over, belting out the lyrics with gusto. Since I call myself a “Dream Life Coach”, I posted a link to the song on my Facebook business page Just Get It Done Now!.

The song took me back to a time in my youth when everything was ahead of me and I was optimistic. With that song on my mind, I dreamt of myself as a teenager, entertaining  the prelude to a first kiss. Not the kiss. Just the prelude:  That feeling of being completely whole and right with the world, innocent yet desiring of an experience with strength and vulnerability. This is a feeling, as adults, we often forget we are capable of having. It’s better than happy. It’s better than peaceful. It’s knowing that you are what you believe you are and no matter what happens, this moment right now is all life was ever meant to be. It’s happening. You are alive, and well, and limitless.

In the morning I grabbed the jar of henna that had been tucked away in my bathroom closet and whipped up an earthy smelling henna clay to change the color of my hair after so many months of making peace with the silver-haired woman that winked at me in the mirror. I wanted the color of my hair to better reflect the youth of my outlook. I then stirred heated coffee grinds and sugar in a bowl so that when I washed my hair I could give myself a deep coffee-sugar skin-loving rub. I dimmed the bathroom lights and allowed the water and the scrub to transform  me. Age closed its eyes and faded away, while wisdom danced and radiated. gorgeous Fall meditation

When I emerged from the shower, I slathered on a mixture of toasted sesame oil laced with patchouli and lavender essential oils. I clipped my fingernails and toe nails. And then I turned on my Deepak and Oprah meditation app to keep me company while I moisturized and coaxed my newly colored hair into dozens of pencil-thin two-strand twists.

I was new. I was a New Birth Dream Merchant ready to make my dreams and your dreams come true.

The elbows, the heels, and the cuticles were all softened. My hair turned from silver to an Autumn toasted, buttered honey. I went out wearing my favorite things  in the colors that most compliment me. And before the night was over I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in years. His companion begged for forgiveness as he asked what perfume I was wearing. “Do you like it?” I asked him. “Yes!” he answered before attempting to describe the fragrances he detected. I shared with him the recipe for my homemade oil balm. He apologized for seeming forward and I touched his hand to sooth his shame. And that’s when he kissed me with a compliment, exclaiming to his friend, “Her skin is so soft, It’s too good to be true!” or something like that, that made me blush and express my farewells.

Sometimes when you entertain yourself and show yourself love and appreciation, you find that the world entertains, loves, and appreciates you right back. Put on some music and create your own personal spa treatment. You deserve it. I can coach you through it.   Just Get It Done Now! 


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This entry was posted on November 12, 2015 by in Motivation.

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