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A Whimper or a Roar?

cowardly lionBringing in the New Year with Courage

Let’s be honest with each other and have one of those moments we should have in person but settle for in this digital space. Tell me and I’ll tell you. Are you ending this year with a whimper or a roar?

As you close the curtain on this year’s life performance, are you reliving your mistakes, watching your setbacks hiss at you from that hole in your heart of missed opportunities, or are you setting yourself up for new challenges and pledging to conquer each pin in the path of your bowling ball of determination?

We actually get to choose whether to whimper or to roar. I’ve done a little bit of both, but  the roaring is louder. I just took a look at my 2015 calendar and reviewed what the heck I’ve been so busy doing. Then I noted the things I was most proud of.  They included the people I worked with, the books I published, the photos I took, the time I spent meditating and chanting, and the wonderful women I coached. Now I am thinking about 2016. I made a list of things I want more of like dancing to music with heavy drumming and the strength to invite more quality and value into my life even when it is quantity that seduces me to focus on lack instead of abundance.

I’m going to kick off 2016 acting as if at a women’s mini retreat I am hosting with my friends Dr. Joanna Carmichael and Ellen Sue Jacobson. Acting as if is a powerful transformation tool. I’m going for it. Want to join me?

Close out 2015 with a roar by registering for this mini retreat: “Attracting Who You Are Becoming”.  Act like the person you want to become. Act like you already have what you want more of.

 Learn more about the Acting-As-If method of transformation.

 See What the Retreat Offers and Meet the Hosts

Register Here

Dr. Joanna Carmichael, RN, is a former psychiatric nurse and pharmaceutical researcher for over 20 years.  Subsequent studies in Metaphysics, Divinity, Alternative Medicine, and Interfaith Ministry have given her a well-rounded perspective on health and healing and its intimate relationship to spirituality. She is a Chopra-certified Vedic Master of Ayurveda, Meditation & Yoga and Founder of the Kalyana Centre in Narberth, PA since 2009 where she has her private practice in Ayurvedic and Metaphysical counseling, past life regression and holds classes in Ayurvedic lifestyle, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Primordial Sound Meditation, and essential oils.

Ellen Sue Jacobson is a writer/editor/freelance writer, kitchen nutritionist, and cook in the field of food and health. With a bachelor’s degree in education and one in Nutrition Education, Ellen Sue’s passion is to pass on healthful information for women in her 10 year-old website, At the retreat she will pass along a ceremony she learned  several years ago that celebrates women’s rights of passage from menses to post-menopausal zest. Ellen Sue will also bring her cookbooks.


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