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Boo! Scare Away Bad Feelings and Negative Vibes

Halloween Dance
Lingering Halloween daemons and the ghosts of your last fiasco are no match for good music. There isn’t a single piece of candy corn that’s sweeter than the lift I get from my positive music playlist. I keep it on my phone like a silver bullet for my wolfman inner-critic, a ray of sunshine for my vampire gloom, and a blanket for my rattling skeleton fear. While I am always tempted to play my favorite upbeat music loud enough to wake the dead, the volume isn’t nearly as important as the way the rhythm gets me moving and the lyric makes me smile.

Almost nothing scares the blues away the way a smile does. Let your favorite music be a tonic to any of your post Halloween troubles. Create your own personal upbeat playlist. I started mine with Tower of Power’s “Squib Cakes” because the horns and drums insist that I shake something loose.

Listen at the link below. There you are with your head bobbing and lips poked out, hips moving and elbows out. SCARY!!!!

The recorded version I listen to ALL THE TIME

Please share your comments below about your favorite music.


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