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When I Grow Up I Want to Be…

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What did you used to say you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you achieve that goal? Did you change your mind about that one and select something else? Are you still working toward your dream? Have you stopped dreaming all together?

Dreams are encouraged when we are young to get us passionate about something and moving in some defined direction. Along the way, we gather information and make decisions. Sometimes those decisions take us way off course. And maybe we are better for it. It’s nice to know either way. You owe it to yourself to question: Am I living the life of my dreams?

  1. If you are living the life of your dreams, you deserve to be congratulated. Please share your story with someone. Your truth will encourage them.
  2. If your dream life is on its way, keep dreaming. Get excited as if you are living that dream right now.
  3. If you don’t have a dream, be careful about getting one. I read this quote: “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work.” – anonymous

Go ahead, ask the question. Just Get it Done Now!

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