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How To Get High on Your Own Supply

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That stuff you stash and sell and use that comes from the best part of you.
Your supply of self worth, self confidence, value, love, and joy. Yes, that stuff.
The stuff that you package and barter and recycle.

Your supply of passion and determination that shows itself in the things you make.
Yes, that stuff is self generating, self renewing, self sustaining.
And it gets you high.

Inhale the fumes of your burning desire to make something.
Drink up the magic of creating that which did not exist.
the there when there was no there
the that where there was no that
Sniff it, lick it, shoot up your own supply and get high from the learning while doing, and the bursts of addictive energy produced through the producing.

Dip into your stash of determination, curiosity, and intention. Sniff it, lick it, chug-a-lug the pulsating rhythm of your source. Lean into the zone. Get the dope. Overdose. Overdose on the talent within you. Get high on your own supply. How do you think the great ones do it?

Know what you want to make.

Frustration, delay, and disappointment have a better chance of taking hold, when the end result is not clear.  You’re better off following a pattern, a recipe, and the manual if they are available. Waiting for inspiration and direction has its place, but nothing gets made until you know what you want. Adjustments and even divergence is part of the journey.

Believe you can make it.

Belief is so magically energizing. It propels you to seek answers to questions, continue to troubleshoot wrong turns, and see the project through to completion. Suddenly you are researching your interests, engaging in forums, and taking a class simply because you believe in your own potential.

Be present in the moment of the making.

To get the most out of every action you take during the making, focus on what you’re doing. If you are threading the needle, thread the needle. Don’t plan tomorrow’s staff meeting, rehash yesterday’s argument, or watch TV. Place yourself in the moment to receive every emotional, physical, and psychological bit of the success high.

Celebrate your progress.

Pat yourself on the back even if it’s a virtual pat. Do your version of a happy dance at accomplishments along the way. Celebrating your success is such a boost for your self-confidence and self-esteem. The more success you recognize the more success you realize.

Be outcome independent.

When you’ve made something and your critics quickly point to where you dropped a stitch and burned the edges, when they quickly point out the bug in the code, the over shot budget, and the missed deadline, smile at these imperfections. Allow yourself to linger through the afterglow. Despite your own embarrassment and disappointment, laugh as only the stoned can. Then mark the flaws as targets. Grab the bottle, fire up the bowl, pick up the pen, slip the brush through the paint, play another note, make changes.

I’m making a blog post with a list of friends who are getting high on their own supply with links to the stuff they make. Let me know if you want to be included.


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