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Did You Love Prince?

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Chances are you still do.

How can you not? He is forever magnificent. With him gone I look for something of his to hang on to, something I can keep. There’s the music of course, but we both know there’s so much more.

Prince took us to school, took us to church, and took our breath away.

The vocals, the dancing, the visual artistry, the musicianship, the fashion, the smashing of sexual boundaries, and the fight for creative freedom . Of course I’m not going to capture everything in this blog post.

He had a big life, bigger than most and that makes us see him at a great distance and yet since we know he suffered loss and experienced great pain albeit elegantly, we can’t help but feel close to him and that’s why we take his passing personally.

I don’t know anyone other than Prince who stood up for his artistic freedom by declaring his name a symbol. We all supported him in that fight and we respected him and loved him for showing us the way.

Now when we face our own private battles we can ask, “What would Prince do?” The answer may take is to where we may not have gone on our own.

Prince had his own personal policies.

Do you have personal policies? Are they written down? Just get it done now. I can coach you through it. Contact me to set up a free session on establishing your personal policies.

Having your policies clear and written down will help you say yes to opportunities you have been missing and say no to temptations better left avoided.  |


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