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Gray is the new blonde.


Actor Amandla Stenberg

“Take your time,” I heard a woman calling out to me as I crossed the street in front of her car. “Thank you. Have a good day,” I called back to her. Then she yelled something like, “Cross safely. They can wait!” She seemed to be going beyond the usual driver – pedestrian friendly repartee.

Did she take me for an old lady?

Like the guy in the coffee shop who called me ma’am the other day. Was he cowboy-movie polite or was he simply using the appropriate tone when addressing  an elder?  And how about that special wink and smile I’m starting to get from other silver-haired hikers when our paths cross on the Wissahickon trail? Their smile seems to say, “Welcome to the healthy old-folks club.”


Actor Kim Fields

Was this how people were seeing me once my hair turned nearly all gray?

And if so, what impact was that having on my self image? If I saw myself through the eyes and behavior of others, when they looked at me and saw an old woman, so did I. And I wasn’t happy with that.

So now I sport a white-gold-blonde-reddish hair color like the actor Kim Fields just in time to see beautiful young women coloring their hair in what they call the “granny trend” silver. Go figure!

What beliefs are you mirroring today?

How you see yourself has an impact on what opportunities you make yourself available to. I colored my hair and some of the aches and pains I was experiencing every time I saw the gray-haired lady in the mirror went away. Really! Changing how I saw myself led to changes in my behavior that helped me feel better about who I was presenting to the world.

Take a good look at the beliefs you are mirroring. Is a change in store? If so, just get it done now. I can coach you through it. Contact me to set up a free session on breaking through patterns and beliefs that don’t do you any good.

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