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looking at the skyThe other day I rode home under a canopy of bats.
Darting back and forth.
Between the trees.
Over the highway.
They darkened the sky somewhere close to dinner time and I wondered how many insects they were capable of eating. I wondered if they were starving in search of food, or if they were  full-bellied celebrating their bounty. Their behavior could be witnessed and described, but not understood with any amount of accuracy on my part.

If we can’t be sure what we witness from a distance, how can we know how to respond?

They say that when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

Can we test this notion in our daily lives? What’s going on with your body, your productivity, your relationships? What’s the connection between your internal self and all that is happening around you?  How do we interpret our local news broadcasts and the recent news from Orlando Florida? And most importantly, how do we respond?

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