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4 Steps to Activate Your Imagination

Transformation begins with imagination.

I know you have an image and a reputation to protect. That’s why I suggest you take these steps when no one is looking. The act of transforming can be a little alarming to those who depend on you to make dinner and or deliver the quarterly report. Transform in private and then delight everyone with your results.imagination_by_xbooshbabyx

Before today’s meeting with your staff and your significant other(s), take the steps outlined below. You can do them all online if you can’t get away.

  1. Visit a bookshelf and read a handful of titles, then step inside a museum, art gallery, music room, or dance hall.
  2. Notice the titles, colors, sounds, textures, and movements that make you feel good.
  3. While feeling good, answer this question, “If I could do anything today, eat anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone; what would I do?”
  4. Repeat.

Use this technique to reach and exceed your goals using the creative and effective solutions you suddenly come up with.

Your staff and your significant other(s) know you don’t have time to waste. Just Get It Done Now!


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This entry was posted on June 28, 2016 by in Motivation.

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