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wonderlandThere will be mud to slip across
rubber-soled feet or bare toes.

An unfolding is in store.

A mud pie is best served
wet with your imagination
on a platter of possibility.

The moon in the morning and the sun at night echo Thaw’s pleasant surprises.

01azcarpenter_benchWinter’s steadfast resolutions chilling Autumn’s expressiveness, mellow and soften to permit what has been waking to surface.

Thaw is a breath before the pulleys up the curtain and the stage is rushed with warm weather acts.

Spring’s urgent emergence unsettling, cool, and messy, spreads gloved fingers wide to embrace change, uproot excess, plant, clear, fix, restore, and most of all let go. (Think spring cleaning and cherry blossoms in the wind).

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This entry was posted on July 7, 2016 by in Motivation.

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