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Talking to yourself is the most useful form of talking you can ever do; period.

bing dreamers laneThoughts steer actions and actions steer destiny, so take your thoughts seriously. Identify, indicate, and illustrate what you want, think, and feel. And pay attention to your own feedback. Self-talk is a two-way conversation consisting of both expression and reception.

Create a Vision.

1. Meditate. 2. Express Gratitude for everything that was, is, and shall be. 3.  Get out a large poster board. 4. Cover the poster board with images and words that inspire you. 5. Cover the poster board with images and words that represent what you want to manifest.

Use a Vision Board to Talk to Yourself about Work and Home.

Your Vision Board for More Success at Work:
Focus on projects, activities, tasks, relationships, and accomplishments. Remember to include aspects of transportation, commute time vs. remote access, and physical attributes that make work a pleasure.

Your Vision Board for a Happier Home: 
Highlight the people, experiences, and things that make home a joy. You might want to include entertainment amenities, decorating ideas, family member’s private sanctuaries, the land surrounding your home, and even your neighbors’ expressions of happiness.

 1. Create a vision. 3. Listen to your own Feedback. 4. Make adjustments. 5. Just get It Done Now!

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