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She’s What Kind of Coach?

what Kind of Coach HUH2This is the best way to explain the kind of coaching I do and why it’s right for you.

Every now and then, I meet someone who is on the verge of starting a new project. They may be going on a trip or starting a new job. Sometimes they are starting a family or a business.

They tell me about juggling responsibilities, making time when there seemed to be no time left on the clock. They tell me about closing doors and opening windows. They talk with me about what they are letting go of and how they will or won’t miss it.  They tell me about the people they are having an impact on and the people they are collaborating with to create a new chapter in their lives. They tell me about their achievements and how they are ready to climb even higher.

They are looking for a better career, a truer love, a new life and they find me along the path toward that end.

While they talk, I listen. I listen to what they are saying and I notice the words they choose for the telling. I hear the emotion behind the words. I listen to the breath and the sounds that punctuate the words. I hear fear and courage, the vulnerabilities and the strengths.  I acknowledge the privilege of being asked to listen. I recognize each person has a story, and in that story is a treasure. In the moment of the telling, I recognize that a treasure is being shared exclusively with me. The beauty of it is nearly blinding and fills me up with compassion and generosity.

Just before I reflect what they have shown me and mirror back what it is that they want me to understand,  I go deeper. I introduce colors, tastes, smells, and sounds to the experience, asking them to deepen their own awareness and become fully present in the moment even if what we are discussing is something that happened in the past. I have them illustrate their experience in living breathing color. I ask them to tell me everything again, but this time from a deeper place. That’s when the coach in me appears and we make progress. Then and only then when we both know that the experience being shared is fully understood by both of us (we’re not only on the same page, we’re using the same eyes to see with) we describe a vision of the future and use all our senses to feel it into being. Life Coach. Business Coach. Relationship Coach. Your Coach.  I show you how to build up your confidence for any situation your are facing and I guide you through manifesting what you desire. That’s the kind of coach I am. A Confidence and Manifestation Coach.

Confidence and Manifestation Coaching

What are you waiting for? I have room in my schedule for 5 new clients to start in September. Let’s create a coaching plan for you. Call today – 215-301-9625 or send me a note I’m on Facebook and Twitter too, so reaching me is easy.

Don’t delay. Just Get It Done Now!



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