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Does Krista’s Coaching Work?

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Just ask Naomi, emerging graphic novelist.

“Krista helped me see that I can fantasize about my life goals and that is the first step to reaching them. Through her program, I was exposed to various inspirational thinkers. That was mind altering. But best of all was Krista’s guidance and confidence in the process and how she turned me into a believer.”

~ Naomi

She was a happy mother, wife, and full-time employee, but she wanted more.

Maybe you do too.

Her dream was to empower the artist in her and get back to creating art.

Maybe you have a similar dream.

Yes!  Krista’s Coaching Works!

Are you ready to say YES to your dreams? Contact me today and let’s get started with Confidence and Manifestation Coaching.

THERE’S MORE – Complete the form below to receive a copy of Naomi’s Thaw  – the story about how I started working with Naomi in what felt like the thaw of both of our springtimes. Beautiful photographs of early spring are included to highlight that feeling. These photographs will inspire you. The book also suggests action steps you can take right away to realize your own transformation.  |


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